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Aeromarine 800 Amphibious Floats for the Merlin PSA

Aeromarine 800 Amphibious Floats for the Merlin PSA

When I am not busy at airshows or finishing the Merlin PSA and getting it ready to fly or finalizing the electric power system I am playing around with the floats. As if I didn’t have enough to do. However every second is worth it. Flying a sport plane on floats is about the best kind of flying there is. Nothing like making splash & goes on a river or lake.

The Merlin PSA has a power-to-weight ratio nearly 50% greater than the typical 2-seat LSA aircraft equipped with the Rotax 100hp engine. And it has a big flap-to-wing area ratio (not sure that is an aeronautical term but it is meaningful with seaplanes). This power combined with these new Aeromarine 800 amphibious floats will result in the aircraft coming on the step and off the water exceptionally quick. I plan to enter the Sun n Fun Splash-In short take-off contest (past winner) and giving those $200k 180hp cub-style aircraft a run….

Now that these perfect floats are finished what next? Well, first I need to fly the Merlin PSA which is basically also finished and waiting the FAA inspection which is planned for this week. Today I was making high-speed taxi tests. The acceleration is impressive! Soon I will fly the hours off the Merlin then install the floats and get ready for SNF!

Why these floats are cool:

  • Cost is around $10k compared to $35 to $55k for 2-seat LSA floats like Aerocet and Wipaire.
  • Weight is only 50 lbs each!
  • They are amphibious!
  • The gear actuation is Bluetooth wireless operated from a FOB on the panel or a phone app!
  • They are a perfect match for the Merlin PSA!!!!!

Here is a video I made today. Only one take (it shows). But you get the idea.

Lots of news coming this week as I get back in the air and post my flight reviews and impressions without any (or much) sugar-coating.




Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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