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Another Container of Merlins Ships!

Another Container of Merlins Ships!


‘Bout time too. But well worth waiting for. Those who have been following the Merlin know that the quick-build kit comes looking like a finished airframe. But it isn’t. The kit in fact does meet the FAA 51% rule and has been inspected and approved by the FAA’s National Kit Evaluation Team (NKET). 

The top skins or about 1/2 of the entire aircraft is temporarily assembled with every 5th hole filled with a soft aluminum ‘pop-rivet’. The builder actually spends a day or so drilling out these rivets and disassembling the kit until it meets the 51% rule. 

This way the customer knows that the kit is complete and where everything goes. And due to the precision matched-hole technology everything fits perfectly to hole final size with hardly any drilling required in the entire airframe!

The container holds four quick-build kits. We do install the landing gear for easier shipping but that comes off and gets put back on too.

Plus we have a set of our new 1450 amphibious floats packed into the free upper corner spaces.

The kits arrive to Dayton, Ohio on 31 March. So starting on 1 April we begin the build programs. Our customers will be very busy getting educated and entertained while building their kits and documenting their build. Furthermore, we will use the opportunity to refine and update the builders’ assembly manual to make it even easier for the next customers.

The build program is supposed to be two weeks however it runs right into the Sun n Fun airshow which runs right into the AERO (Germany) show so we will take a building break while I attend these shows. We have already booked slots in the LAMA LSA display in Paradise City (The light plane and ultralight area of SNF). The plan is to have 2 new HKS-powered Merlins plus the Zigolo on display there. With two Merlins available it will be easier to make some flight demos. Just don’t ask me for a ride.




  1. Any video (or written) reviews of the HKS equipped Merlin in the works?

    • Did you see the post by Paul Dye of KITPLANES?

  2. Great news!


Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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