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Another Merlin Gets its Wings!

Another Merlin Gets its Wings!

Let the photos speak for this blog……

I expect we will have so many 1st Merlin flights that this blog will become repetitive. Or maybe it is already…… 

This Merlin is going to our first customer in New Zealand. But first it is being test flown with a new HKS 700E engine in the Czech Republic. The test pilot reports: “Zero problems! Empty weight is 200 kg and empty CG is 11%. We will move the battery toward the rear to improve the CG position then continue the flight test program.”

The panel is about perfect: MGL Xtreme EFIS/EMS provides tons of engine and flight data. The Ipad mini mount with an Ipad attached will provide a moving map and weather with Foreflight or Garmin app. And a transceiver. Most customers flying in the USA will also want a transponder. 

The HKS installation has been fine-tuned and documented. The current build programs are going so fast that the airframe is ready for the engine before we were ready with all the engine mounting parts. Tomorrow the balance of the new parts ship and we can get on with building. 2 Merlins are already in the paint shop. The cowl will catch up later.




Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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Merlin-PSA-on-Amphibs merlin-on-floats DSCN4122 (00000002) Merlin-with-HKS-Engine



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