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CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium

CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium

Now that I know I have at least 4 readers of my blog I will write more often! This last 3 weeks has been very busy: 1. AERO show in Germany; 2. Sun N Fun show in Florida; 3. CAFE Symposium on Electric Aircraft in California. Now I am back in the office and hanger for 2 weeks before another trip to China on 22 May. Whew. The events were all excellent however slowed down R&D on the electric system. The new motor is now finished however untested as I had to carry it around the world in my checked luggage. At least it cleared TSA and did not result in too many extra baggage fees.

I will start with the CAFE event as I believe it is the most relevant and newsworthy. Paul Bertorelli from AvWeb attended this event and posted several articles and podcasts:

I am also posting/attaching the program from the symposium. Note that I am listed as a dinner speaker. I admit that I was somewhat nervous about speaking in front of such an esteemed group of intellectuals. This group represents the world’s leading experts in aviation, electric systems, and battery technology. I am merely a pilot and entrepreneur. But as it turned out my 35 years of experience plus 1 year of flying on electric power brings a ‘real world’ perspective to those theorists and scientists. I was allocated 20 minutes so I did my PPT presentation in 16 minutes leaving 4 minutes for questions. However the audience was fully engaged and the questions went on for 1 hour, and no one fell asleep! I have to say it may have been the best presentation I have ever made.

All my assumptions on electric power proved to be validated by the other presenters. Even our new electric motor has many of the same design features as the new Siemans’ motor (maybe they copied us:)).

I will convert my presentation to PDF and post it to the home page along with some explanation notes soon.

Now that these shows are over we will get busy testing the motor on a dyno so we can then post real and actual data. Then soon after we will mount it on the Zigolo and go flying! This I am really looking forward to after so much talk about it.

Notes from AERO: This is Europe’s biggest show and companies in Europe are leading the world in electric propulsion technology. Here is a link to an article on my attendance at AERO:

I returned from AERO 1 day before SNF starts so it was a big rush to fly the Zigolo to the SNF show and get the booth set up. However my booth is pretty simple so the real challenge was to tie the Zigolo down secure enough to handle the squall line that came through. SNF was another good show with plenty of interest in both the aircraft and the new power system.

So now I will sign off and get to work on the motor! Watch this space for a lot more posts. I will set up a new web page just for ELECTRIC NEWS.

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