China Zigolo Build Part III

BLOG 3 BIG SUCCESS. (almost)

The Chinese Zigolo is 100% finished. Even the engine is broken in. Plus refueled and warmed up for today’s flight. We are using the trike trailer so they are taking one wing at a time to the grass field they call an airport a few kilometers away. After they left with the 2nd wing I went into an office to sketch a proper Zigolo trailer and warm my toes.

I was told they had returned and now we make the last trip to the airport with the fuselage. With the quick wing removal system we only need about 5 minutes assembly then I will conduct another long pre-flight inspection. Then I will fly!

As I am walking back to the workshop to load the Zigolo I am thinking that I should wrap red tape around the rear struts in the location that I told them about 10 times, or maybe 20 times not to lift.

As I approach the Zigolo something just doesn’t look right. WTF? Then I see the deformed rear tubes. I swear in 3 languages. OMG! They destroyed two tubes.

What’s wrong in this photo? Grrrrrrrr

This Zigolo is no longer airworthy. I am so pissed. We worked so hard to finish this aircraft and now I cannot fly it. The tubes are not expensive and in 30 minutes I can replace them. If I had them. Oh well. We make a plan with the owner to return in the spring to make this quick repair and go flying. Sigh.

Mr. Ding flying the tail

At least Mr. DIng has a good attitude about it. Stuff happens, this is a non-event on the ground. No animals, customers or test pilots were injured. Just a delay. And spring is nicer flying weather anyway.

Now my trip continues with a flight to Zhuhai to buy a couple new teeth (I play ice hockey). Then on to Yangon, Myanmar where I will make an aviation presentation. Myanmar has next to zero general aviation aircraft and zero small aircraft industry. It is so restricted that they recently jailed a journalist for flying a drone. I hope to help begin some change there.

Then I return east to Hong Kong to connect to a flight to Zurich then Prague. This round the world twice trip is actually longer than two trips. Sigh.

Unrelated Addendum:

My work is about done here in Myanmar and i have some time before my flight east to Hong Kong so I can fly west to Zurich so I might as well bore you guys too.

It took forever to book a flight from Prague to Dayton Ohio. Everything was $1,400 or more for 1-way except for one on LOT for $785 with a 6.5 hour layover in Warsaw then 11 hours in Chicago. I almost booked it figuring I could stay in a hotel in Chicago for the 11 hour layover and arrive to DAY Sunday morning in plenty of time for Packer tailgating. But I didn’t like the 6 hours in Warsaw airport. I have been there….

Finally I found one flight on American which I thought was about $550 in Czech Crown currency (CZK). Often these airline web sites assume you are in the country you are booking from and as I block my IP with a VPN that can work toward my advantage. No surprise that a Czech could buy a ticket cheaper than someone in the USA. I have seen that for years. In fact when flying to coldspot, China I only book to Beijing or Hong Kong and use  the Chinese app to buy my local flights for a LOT less than United would charge.

So I booked it. Good flight too. 15 hours total, short connections. Arrive to DAY Saturday evening not too late.

Then noticed the currency was CNY not CZK. Crap, I just bought a $1,800 one-way ticket. But I managed to cancel it before the ticket was actually issued.

Back to LOT Airlines? Crap. Gotta be a way. Already checked the airline and the popular travel apps web sites. All more that $1,400 which won’t work for my tight budget. How about round-trip?

Perfect. I got the American Airlines ticket I wanted. $1,800 one way, or $998 both ways. I just picked a Wednesday in January for the return which kept the total price down. Go figure. 2 flights are ½ the price of one flight not double.

Anyone want to go to Prague next January? 😊

So that means I have Sunday is free and I am in Ohio and the Packers play the Browns. I could catch this game! Who wants to see the Browns lose? GO PACK GO!