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Electric motor is now running for bench tests!

Electric motor is now running for bench tests!
Electric motor with quiet 4-blade prop

Electric motor with quiet 4-blade prop

This week is full of newsworthy events. First off my blog readership increased a whopping 25% (from 4 to 5 readers). But even more importantly we have been running the new electric motor all week and are very encouraged with the performance! However as is my policy I will not be making any specific performance claims until I have documented statistics from  professional dynometer test series. That is now being lined up for next week.

I will say that our goals of very high torque at very low RPMs looks to have been met. Max RPM of 1,700 with an optimized RPM of 1,200 means the prop noise at cruise will be similar to the motor noise which as almost nothing at 150 feet.

Also what looks to be possible is a whisper-quiet cruise of 900 RPM on the Zigolo. Which also means less power demands. That translates to a few less cells and easily staying under the strict Part 103 empty weight limit for the Zigolo.

There is a little more motor noise from one magnet not perfectly placed. A couple microns off is all that takes. But we will ignore that for now as it does not affect running the motor and tearing the motor down to mill it out just delays our dyno testing.

Also of importance is that the prop is set at maximum pitch and the motor spins like the prop is not even there! I am really looking forward to flying with this motor very soon.

Now I feel we are really approaching setting delivery dates for the electric-powered Zigolo. The timing is perfect as apparently the interest in ultralight aircraft is increasing. Note this article by Dan Johnson:

And here is some significant news that deserves its’ own PR post:

Francesco has developed an add-on that will allow for the Zigolo wings to be removed in maybe 2 minutes each! This will really help a lot in hanger space and fees plus make transport so much quicker! 5 quick pins and one aileron quick detach per wing. Nice!

Much more news coming soon. For those of you that have been keeping up you may already know that a am developing a class of aircraft I refer to as PSA (Personal Sport Aircraft). I will be posting a lot of new information on this soon. Especially now that the electric motor is progressing so nicely.











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