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I know. ’bout time! But good things are worth waiting for right? And the Merlin kit is really good! I will be posting a blog on the build program very often. You will see how good the quality is and I think be amazed at the speed of the assembly! It is a LOT easier and faster when the aircraft is designed and manufactured on CAD/CAM equipment. Holes are punched and everything matches up. No jigs, no measuring, next to no drilling. Truly amazing! This Merlin QBK will be setting a NEW STANDARD for kit production!

This photo shows the quick build kit disassembled. Rather than pack dozens or hundreds of parts into crates we found it just a bit more work to assemble 1/2 the aircraft with every 6th hole a temporary soft aluminum rivet. So the kit actually looks like an aircraft when the customer receives it. But then the temporary rivets are removed and the kit then looks more like a classic quick-build kit and fully complies with the E-AB 51% rule.

Now that the production pump is primed I will be getting a steady stream of Merlin QBKs. The next container shipment is ready in a only a few more weeks. And we can get 4 QBKs into one container. That cuts down on the freight expense.

2 kits have been repacked into a truck for delivery across the USA and are on their way. The other two kits stay in Florida for customers participating in our build program. I look forward to posting some of the first customer impression quotes!

Here is a kit strapped to my Zigolo trailer and ready to go to our customer at South Lakeland Airport. We put the gear on for simpler shipping.

Then delivery 2 hours later to Jay Kurtz. I will work with Jay for the build and simultaneously creating the Build Manual. Then Jay will work with me to demonstrate the Merlin. But I suspect that means flying to as many pancake breakfasts as he can while writing it off as work.  I want that job!

Jay will install a new HKS 700E 4-stroke engine. HIs panel will be very simple with a MGL Xtreme EFIS/EMS, a transceiver, transponder, and a tablet mount for the Forefront GPS aviation app.

Next week we start builder assist program #2. Our hangars will be busy!

Exceptionally, the first task in this kit assembly is disassembly!

Watch this space for the build program blog!



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  1. Boy, that QB kit looks great ! Please please please post pics either here or on the FB page. Preferably both !

    The yellow Merlin PSA looks great. I am sure other colors will look equally nice.

    Also +1 on choosing the HKS 700E four stroke engine !


Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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