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Get your Electrolite!

Get your Electrolite!

So now most of the dust has settled from the Oshkosh show. Hangar mess is sorted, production resumes.

Mostly I am working on finishing a customers’ Zigolo and getting the Electrolite flying.

Painting tip: Wear clothes that match the paint color…..


At Oshkosh we introduced the electric Zigolo, now called the Electrolite. And I boldly claimed that this aircraft will fly for an hour or more. Now it’s time to walk the talk.


This pod has 9.05 Kw/Hr installed. Today we will make some connections. Then mount the pod above the wing in the enter section. It add no drag there plus even acts as a gap seal and will improve the aerodynamics.

The motor and controller were already installed prior to the show. Plus we tested the seating capacity.

So it looks good for two more aircraft to be flying soon from our Dayton build center. Watch this space for the Electrolite endurance news!



Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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