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HKS Installation Complete

HKS Installation Complete

Most people, myself included, prefer 4-stroke engines over 2-stroke. My attitude toward 2-strokes has softened a bit after 110 hours behind the Rotax 582. The power is impressive. And with some 30,000 2-stroke engines built Rotax seems to have got it sorted pretty well.

However I am expecting some pretty good performance from the HKS 700E as well.

Before I forget, note that HKS announced a price increase effective January 1st so I am collecting orders to submit this year. If you are thinking of a Merlin with a HKS consider placing your order soon.

We have now completed the HKS installation design. Here are some images:

hks_instalation hks_side hks_front

The first installation is already complete and in flight testing. A new cowl mold is commissioned which will provide the perfect fit.

Next week we ship the first 4 Merlins together. 5 more Merlins will ship shortly after. Once the pump is primed supply will no longer be an issue.

In local news I flew the Merlin to Sanford International last week and directly over the West Palm Beach Airport this week. On my return from South Florida I flew under the Class C airspace of West Palm at 450 feet just over the beach. Beautiful view of some pretty expensive real estate and mansions. Next year that flight might not even be possible as TFRs will pop up when Trump visits which is likely to be often. I made a short video but it does not show much from the camera angle. Next time I will pull the camera from the mount and do some filming by hand. My audio interface is now working so I can offer a play-by-play.



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  1. I am one of your 161 subscribers to your YouTube channel. The video isn’t showing. As I sit here in the endless Oregon rain, I was hoping to see ladies sunning themselves on a nice warm sand beach. Sigh…no video.


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