Merlin Build Update

We have a bit of urgency with the DAR inspection scheduled for Saturday morning and the Sebring airshow beginning next week so this Merlin must be finished and soon. But this is complicated by my having to be in Dayton Ohio all this week freezing my butt off (3 degrees on the ground) for test flights with my Merlin.

Tomorrow I can finally return to Florida just in time for the cold weather to hit there too. Oh well. At least it should be above freezing, some of the time.

The good news is Dwight and his friend Hans have been plugging away at the panel and engine sensor wiring and making great progress. And all the required paperwork has been submitted to the FAA and the DAR so it looks like we could be good to go on Saturday. I sure hope so.

The HKS started right up once we got enough battery power.  I am really impressed with how smooth it runs. Adding a prop will shake things up a bit but still it will be exceptionally smooth and quiet. See a short engine run test here:



Here are a couple photos of the work-in-progress. This is the first HKS installation we have done in the USA so it takes a bit more time to sort out where everything fits and connects. But that work is now behind us. Right after the Sebring show we will quickly finish another Merlin with the HKS. And in just 2-3 weeks another 4 Merlin QBKs ship to USA and we will be ready for those builds. Now we have gained a lot of traction and this aircraft project accelerates almost as fast as the Merlin does on the runway!




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  1. You guys are going to be flying dawn-to-dusk to get the Phase 1 testing done in time to leave for the show…