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Merlin Climbs to 12,000 Feet

Merlin Climbs to 12,000 Feet

Brrr, 35 degrees up there. ATC wanted to know how high I was going to go for my 66nm flight to Sanford International. And what kind of aircraft I was flying. Here is the video:

The entire 20 minute climb is posted which would be quite boring to watch so I suggest maybe watching the take-off then skip to the 20 minute mark. After that I edited out some of the decent but left the drop through the hole in the clouds and the landing at Sanford.img_20161108_125109

The altimeter was showing 12,020 feet but GPS was just a bit below 12,000 due to altimeter pressure error. But close enough. The Merlin still had plenty of climb left at over 200 FPM. I expect the ceiling would exceed 14,000 feet and I may have tested it had I had warmer clothes and some 02 on board. The climb test was uneventful as expected. The Rotax 582 will run all day at full power. Plenty of cooling. I just trimmed for climb and piped music into my headsets via Bluetooth connection from my phone to the Lightspeed wireless headsets.e20a2aa93d2922dad804ff9b4aead9d83574490e6a6070436bpimgpsh_fullsize_distr b63129e0938077f55049bafdcceb01d27d1081066a5d6e8945pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

In other news the first 6 Merlins are finished to 100% and are in the painting process. Too bad they cannot be shipped to the USA due to the E-AB rules. Photos above are the first 2 out of painting: One white, and one sky blue. are pictured and an orange one coming up.

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And for those customers patiently waiting for their QBK here are some photos of the sub-assemblies. These kits will be prepared quickly now that the team has some experience. I am planning to have 4 QBKs shipped together in one 40 foot container by early December if all goes according to plan.

One of my 3 blog readers suggested I fly the Merlin to the Bahamas. Good idea mon. I would love to make that flight and have added it to my bucket list. But first I need to get some Merlins to my customers. I can’t be the only one having all the fun!









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