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Merlin Instrument Panel Option

Merlin Instrument Panel Option

Here is one panel now prepared for CNC cutting for perfect cut outs and locations:


Here are my notes & comments:

  • Far left is LED trim indicator and below that the push-to-start button.
  • MGL Xtreme EFIS/EMS is next. It is rectangular but th e body fits into a standard 3-1/8 inch hole which you can see underplayed. This unit has all you need for flight and engine instruments. Really. All you need. Everything. Too much to list. Learn more on the MGL web site if you like:
  • Next you will see an ASI and ball. Some FAA/CAAs will require a back up ASI. Some pilots like to have it. I was one of them but not anymore. The EFIS has a ASI readout plus a moving tape. Plus the option to display a classic round ASI and other analog instruments.


Here is your analog view with EMS information as well. Next is the EFIS screen. Easy to see your airspeed.                                                                                This is the screen I use the most as it combines the main EFIS information with the EMS data.


This EFIS has an AHRS option to provide additional data like an artificial horizon, VSI, and ball. So why take up panel space for a slip indicator (ball)?

  • So IMHO a better use for those 2 x 2-1/4 inch holes is to put the transceiver on top and the transponder below. I like the new Flight line FL760A  for function and price. And the Trig TT22 for a Mode C transponder with ADS-B out port.
  • Next is a Airgizmo panel mount for the Ipad mini. Fine if you like Apple however I prefer Android systems. You can choose. Both are excellent and great apps are available for both as well. The mount provides security plus a power supply. Plus the tablet pops off quickly to take with you.
  • On the upper right is the fuel selector. Not the normal place for it but consider how important fuel management is and that most aviation incidents are related to fuel mismanagement. So why not put it up front with EASY ACCESS and right in your vision.  Furthermore, the fuel is in the wings and the fuel lines run down the front support channels right past the panel on the way to the firewall then the engine. So plumbing this is simple and safe. No loops or tight bends or even worse: low spots for water to accumulate.
  • That leaves one 2-1/4 inch cut out free right under the fuel selector. What would you put there? I would put a clock/stop watch/timer/chronograph or whatever you want to call an instrument that you can count up or down with to time your flight and remind you when to switch tanks.

So there you have it. A loaded instrument panel that is truly functional and comprehensive yet light in weight and even better light on the wallet.



Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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