Merlin Makes the Cover of KITPLANES Oct Issue

A little more bank and more opposite rudder brought the touchdown point perfectly into view down by my left hip. With the throttle all the way closed, the view out the left side was almost helicopter like, with a steep but controlled descent aimed right at a particular spot of grass on the rapidly approach-ing runway. With little forward speed, the effect was sort of like coming down an elevator on a string. When the time seemed right, all I had to do was kick the rudder out, level the wings, and “thump”—a nice positive, but soft, touchdown occurred, right on the spot I’d been aiming for. Rollout was a matter of maybe a hundred or so feet, and that was without braking. I added power and rolled for another takeoff, my fifth or sixth in 20 minutes of pattern time. This airplane was Fun—with a capital “F,” and I hadn’t even left the pattern yet! Download the complete story by Paul Dye Here.