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Merlin QBKs Shipped!!!!!!!!!!!

Merlin QBKs Shipped!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, It’s ’bout time too! The kits have been done for 2 weeks but all the container ships were full! Of the dozens of times I have shipped containers from Europe this is the first time this has happened. Maybe there are a lot of goods shipping from the EU to the USA or maybe not so much and the container ships were cut back. I don’t know but I am just glad to finally have booked a slot on a ship. ETA to Florida is 5 April which means kits will arrive to our build center just after the SNF and AERO shows end. Not too bad timing.

As you can see the kits are packed very carefully. My crew has plenty of experience shipping SportCruisers and other aircraft in the past. You can also see it is a tight fit. But that saves money. 4 kits fit in a 40 foot container. Barely. Plus the engine mounts and cowls and a case of Budvar…….

The FAA National Kit Evaluation Team (NKET) is scheduled for an inspection later in April. This action should result in the Merlin QBK being added to the FAA list of approved E-AB kits. That means builders will have an easier time with their DAR inspections for airworthiness certificates.

In preparation for the Builders’ Assist program we are designing panels with a CAD program so the panel can be viewed and approved then water cut for perfection. I will post some of these images and final results soon.

I also need to write a post on the electric Zigolo progress. We are close to testing 2 new systems

Here is a teaser: I dismantled the cylindrical battery pack and picked the best cells for relocation to the back of the Zigolo seat. Right on the CG. The electric motor with a reduction drive is already mounted. The green foam is our method of mocking up the cell location. Tomorrow we begin installation of the real cells. If you look closely you can see the controller already mounted near the motor.


Teaser #2: Here are some photos of our new 1450 LSA amphibious float in assembly.

Both those topics need a dedicated blog. I will write and post more soon.

Watch this space!!







Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
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Merlin-PSA-on-Amphibs merlin-on-floats DSCN4122 (00000002) Merlin-with-HKS-Engine



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