Florida is really very nice. Except for summer. And summer lasts 8 months! That’s why we have the ‘half-back’ phenomenon. The snowbirds that retire to Florida long enough to learn they don’t like 8 months of heat and move 1/2 way back…..

And a small part of the reason to set up a facility in Dayton, Ohio. A bigger part of the reason is I have new partners there to help expend my small aircraft business. Plus I am doing some cool projects that cannot be discussed except to say that the Merlin is such an exceptional aircraft that it has attracted some attention in higher places.

Phillipsburg Airport, home of Steel Aviation, the biggest refurbished Cirrus center in the world,  is now one of Aeromarine’s bases. Just finished and signed off for occupancy are new hangars, new tarmac, improved FBO, and a lot of the stuff I am missing in Florida. Like a clean place to work that actually even has electricity!

Woo Hoo! New space! Next week I will be there to finish setting up the work tables and LED lights. Can even charge my phone…

While waiting for the multiple inspections and approvals I did work with a customer to nearly finish this nice Merlin. Should wrap it up next week. The customer will bring it to our stand in the main aircraft display space we have had the last 2 years. We may also bring up a QBK to show how easy this aircraft is to put together. The 2 week  build program really is 2 weeks (well not the first one). 

The hangar we used while waiting for the approvals on the new space will be torn down. I found a Piper Tri-Pacer in Florida that was at this hangar when it was new in 1957 and likely was parked here.

This aircraft till looks nearly new while the hangar will be torn down. And yes, it has more than one seat. But sometimes that can be useful.

But you can’t beat a single-seater for the quality of the social experience. If you are a subscriber to KITPLANES Magazine you can read what Paul Dye writes about single-seat aircraft in his editorial.

Paul loves single-seat aircraft and mentions the Merlin here as having a ‘warm spot in his heart’. Me too.