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New Low-Cost Quick-Build LSA Hits the Market

New Low-Cost Quick-Build LSA Hits the Market

Single-seat Merlin PSA to offer unique float retraction system.

By Pia Bergqvist Posted December 22, 2015 Excerpted from Flying Magazine

If you’ve been looking for an airplane that fits a tight budget, the Merlin PSA may be just what you need. Lakeland, Florida-based Aeromarine LSA says the one-seat Experimental Amateur-Built (A-EB) airplane can be put together at the company’s facilities in about two weeks at the very light price point of $34,900. After that, all you need to fly is a coat of paint.

Because the price is so low you may think you have to buy a powerplant too. But either a 65-hp Rotax 582 or a 60-hp Pegasus O-100 engine is included. The price also includes basic instrumentation. However, pilots who require a transponder and glass avionics can add MGL’s Xtreme combination for $6,500. A Trutrack autopilot and BRS parachute are also optional.

With only one seat, the company calls the airplane a personal sport aircraft – PSA. The Merlin PSA can cruise up to 112 mph. It is controlled through a center stick and is described by Aeromarine LSA’s Chip Erwin as a sporty, “mini personal fighter.”

“It’s a real airplane,” Erwin said. “It looks like it and it flies like it.”

Erwin says the airplane has lots of legroom and headroom, and a spacious area for luggage that can hold anywhere from 25 to 40 lbs depending on the configuration. The payload without options is 264 lbs.

Erwin also has some exciting plans for the future. He is working on an electric power plant for the Merlin, which he is going to test this week in Aeromarine LSA’s Zigolo MG motor glider. Erwin said the electric version of the Merlin is expected to have an hour’s worth of endurance (albeit at reduced power) and the battery can be plugged in to a normal power outlet for a full charge in 2.5 hours.

Additionally the Merlin is offered with tricycle, tailwheel and amphibious landing gear. The amphibious floats add $10,000 and Erwin said he has developed a wireless retraction system that can be activated from the cockpit or from a smart phone app.

The Merlin PSA will be at the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo set to take place in Sebring, Florida, January 20 to 23. Read more here.merlin-psa-008


Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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