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News from the Hangar: Really! Merlin + HKS

News from the Hangar: Really! Merlin + HKS

Yes, I have been travelling way too much with two trips round-the-world but now I am finally able to direct my attention to hangar work, specifically getting a couple of Merlins finished and flying ASAP. It helped to stop in the Czech Republic to collect some HKS installation parts and documentation.

At least there is no frost on the windshield in the morning and I don’t need to wear gloves and 4 layers of clothes to work in the hangar like in China last month! There is a 1/10th of 1 percent chance of a single snowflake in Tampa this week and I am sure someone here is whining about it…..

On to the build. This Merlin airframe has been mostly done for some time now but neglected due to my travels and also allowing some time for TPA to complete the HKS engine installation configuration and documentation which has been a moving target.

But now it is time to get this done and flying! So Dwight (the patient owner) and I have been at the airport nearly every day over the holidays and we are nearly finished. Dwight has built a very comprehensive panel which has taken up his time for wiring. I have been focusing on the HKS installation and final painting.

Panel, engine, painting all nearly finished. Final assembly, DAR inspection, then test flight all coming up. Plan is to fly this Merlin to the Sebring LSA show beginning January 24th. Come see the results of our efforts!

You may have already seen this PIREP from a UK Merlin owner. It is a very nice and very objective review:



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  1. Happy New Year to you and Aeromarine LSA!


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South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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