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Oshkosh Report

Oshkosh Report

Maybe a little late but for those at Oshkosh looking all over for the Merlin come to the main aircraft display just west of building C. Behind Cirrus, behind Global Parts. In the Aero Sports Association booth.

The show has been very good. Aircraft parking was filled to capacity. Plenty of people here and pretty good weather besides the heat and rain. Thought I left that in Florida. Oh well.

The Merlin will be on the COVER of KITPLANES next month! That is a big deal IMHO.

I have made some new friends and customers at the show and welcome them to the Merlin Owner’s Group (when I get around to making it).

Here is a photo of the booth at Oshkosh plus a very recent photo of the Merlin assembly in the Czech Republic.

IMG_20160726_101851 ^3D7AA96D42EE810BBD980160E6CBD2D2FB1600C6FB799045F9^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

More news: The Merlin with the Rotax 582 installed was tested a few days ago by the British Microlight Association. Max level flight was measured at 141 MPH!!!

Even more news: I have a couple of 2-blade props coming from DUC to test. According to DUC and Phil Lockwood I can expect a higher cruise from a smaller diameter or fewer blade prop. When I return to Florida I will test these props although I am pretty happy with > 100 mph cruise now.

Show getting busy, gotta go.

Cheers, CHIP






Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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Merlin-PSA-on-Amphibs merlin-on-floats DSCN4122 (00000002) Merlin-with-HKS-Engine



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