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This will be Oshkosh #37 in a row for me. I am getting old.

We would have liked to have flown the Merlin with the HKS to Oshkosh but the engine installation is new and some parts were still in fabrication so off it goes on the trailer. My friends at Jeteezy will drive it up while I fly the Lake Renegade. I am always looking forward to this trip, as long as I am FLYING!


Here are two panels to compare. Simplistic and complex. Cheap and expensive. But for the most part they both will do the job. The MGL Xtreme EFIS/EMS is on both panels which provides most of the required info. Navigation is now usually by a handheld GPS or tablet or both. One has the Ipad mount, the other has space for whatever they choose. Both have transceivers and transponders.

No need for an ELT per the FARs. No need for an intercom either unless you like to talk to yourself……


Come to Oshkosh and see the complex panel and the HKS Merlin. Booth 195 in the main outdoor display area. Jeteezy booth. Lake Renegade better be there too or I am in trouble.

Other news:

It is official! The Merlin is on the FAA approved E-AB list:

And for your viewing pleasure I took a quick hop off a very soft and partially flooded runway. Takes a couple of seconds longer to get in the air so maybe 6 seconds. But landing is shorter! Water brakes!

Off to the show!


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  1. We’re flying in from Chester CA. See you there Chip.
    SF bay area


Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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