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Powered Sportflying Magazine

Powered Sportflying Magazine

The Merlin is featured on the back cover of this month’s Powered Sportflying magazine. Thanks Roy! That photo was taken on a very windy and turbulent day just after Sun N Fun last April. Low passes at South Lakeland Airport.

The Merlin press release on obtaining FAA 51% approval has been published in many e-newsletters already and will be in upcoming magazines in due time. Web site hits have tripled. Now that the build program is up and running and we have a flow of Merlin QBKs coming in now it is time to ramp up the marketing efforts. The next customers will have the benefits of a finished build manual and a good parts packing list to make sure the kits are complete. I am pretty sure we ill be setting a new standard for kit assembly. It is a real pleasure to assemble a kit without drilling nearly any holes and having everything line up so perfectly. I didn’t think that was even possible and I have built over 1,200 aircraft in my factories over the years.

Expect to see a revising web site, more print ads, more articles, more news posts on new Merlins flying, and a lot of other news as we generate it.




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  1. Congratulations Chip,
    You have created a demand in this niche market, and are satisfying that demand well.
    Best regards,
    SF bay area


Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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