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By now I trust all of you have read the excellent feature article in Kitplanes magazine. If not then quit reading this dribble and get on to it! Link is on my home page or click here http://aeromarine-lsa.com/merlin-makes-cover-kitplanes-oct-issue/

In no particular order here are today’s thoughts:

votedcoolestatairventure-finalOshkosh is over yet some fallout continues with a nice recognition by the Aero News Network. IMHO the Merlin definitely qualifies as ‘cool stuff’. The EAA noticed and commissioned a feature article to be written by Dan Johnson so I will fly up to Spruce Creek soon for that action.

deland-showcase-booth-badge-3The next public display is the new Deland show in November. Maybe it will cool down some by then.

853b39cf7be8fce19d53b131ead06b25200ecf479694f3ec53pimgpsh_fullsize_distrMerlin quick-build kits are coming along nicely with the first 6 kits shipping soon. I will write a separate blog on the QBKs as it is a lengthy subject.

panalFor those with kits on order, or thinking about ordering soon there is time to plan the panel. I like this layout for simplicity plus it is comprehensive, flexible, and low-cost. The MGL Xtreme EFIS/EMS has all the flight and engine and data needed plus a whole lot more. For those 3  x  2-1/4 inch holes I would put a FL-760A Transceiver top left with the Trig T22 transponder below it. For right side it can be whatever you like or nothing at all. Maybe a timer next to the fuel selector for those (like me) who do not trust fuel gauges. Center mount on this panel is for an Ipad however I prefer Android tablets. Plenty of tablets and panel mount systems on the market to choose from.

I like the fuel selector on the panel as it is then EASY TO SEE and EASY TO SELECT. Plus it is easy to plumb as the fuel lines come down the front struts from the wing tanks to there are no loops or low sports in the wrong places. So many accidents are directly related to fuel systems and mismanagement. Keep the fuel system simple and easy. Keep the panel simple and easy. What else does one need?

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Here is some breaking news from the UK: The Stinger wins Best New Design at the LAA rally at Sywell. My friend Dick VanGrunsven spent 30 minutes going over the Stinger with Graham Smith. I suppose he was thinking how he could make his RV3 as economical as the Merlin and Stinger.




Van & Graham & the Stinger prototype in the UK. The Stinger remains on tract for a 2017 introduction.