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Steep Turns & Stalls

Steep Turns & Stalls

One of my 7 blog readers requested a video of stalls so here it is:

Note that I can fly with the stick all the way back and the Merlin is just at the edge of a stall. That is at 26% CG which is forward. I will load up the baggage compartment, calculate a new CG, and fly the test again soon.

I now have 11 hours flown and 29 more to go to lift the FAA operating restrictions. I am on a mission to find every airport with a restaurant within 50 miles of South Lakeland. Today was 12 mph crosswind gusting to 19. For some reason I did not capture the landings on video. I will get more chances. The Merlin handles the winds very well. I am planning to fly the Merlin on floats from Florida to Oshkosh this summer and am sure to encounter all kinds of weather conditions.

Note: The GPS reading on the side bar is ground speed so ignore it….

Did I mention how much fun I am having?




Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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Merlin-PSA-on-Amphibs merlin-on-floats DSCN4122 (00000002) Merlin-with-HKS-Engine



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