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Stinger PSA

Stinger: The new 300kg SSDR

Sprite Aviation have now completed the detail drawings and stress analysis of our new 300kg SSDR. This all metal Sportplane has been specifically designed to extract every last crumb of performance from the new SSDR category. We have now completed the 4th design review and have made the decision to go ahead and build the prototype. Latest additions include reflex flap for sustained high speed cruising and a new fuselage profile for even better appearance. We have made numerous test pieces and sub-assemblies including a complete forward fuselage. Every single item in the aircraft down to the last rivet has been weighed and allowed for. The preliminary design is now fixed and the production phase has started. We anticipate having a flying prototype in the New Year.

Aeromarine LSA is working closely with Sprite Aviation to develop this new PSA. It will be nearly the same size, weight, construction, and flight parameters of the E/G-Plane even using the same electric power system or 4-stroke aircraft engine. Aeromarine will bring this nice low-wing PSA to the USA market once the flight testing is finished. Expect this for 2016. The Stinger will also be E-AB and available as a quick-build kit along with the 1-week builder-assist program.

Construction of our prototype Stinger started last March following two years of intensive study to get this aircraft exactly how we wanted it. Now we can see the results. Please click on the images to download the PDFs with details.

  • All metal legal 300kg SSDR high speed sports tourer.
  • Reliable 4 stroke motor.
  • High capacity wing tanks (Lighter pilots can legally fill 60 litre tanks)
  • Generous comfortable cabin with good ergonomics.
  • Massive electric wing flaps.
  • All pushrod flying controls (Except rudder).
  • Aircraft quality wheels, brakes and tyres.
  • Beautifully upholstered interior.
  • Welded steel forward fuselage. (All made from released aircraft materials)
  • Forward opening canopy
  • Simple efficient low cost construction.
  • Weight allowance for high gloss quality paint.
  • Constant speed or variable pitch propeller option.

Stinger prototype PSA under construction, shown above.
Look out for our build blog starting soon here.


Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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