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Sun n Fun Airshow starts April 5th

Sun n Fun Airshow starts April 5th

Come see the Merlin PSA at SNF.  You are welcome to try it for size. Here is what I plan for the show:

  • Both the Merlin PSA and the Zigolo will be on display in Paradise City in the LSA Mall. If I can fit the floats there too I will. Ask about the show special (this is a test to see if anyone really reads this blog).
  • The Aeromarine 800 amphibious floats will be on display and the wireless gear fully functional. See the phone app work to raise and lower the gear! If I cannot fit them in the LSA Mall they will be in my nearby booth.
  • I have decided to build the 1450 amphibious floats. Just getting started now so I won’t make any big noise about it. I prefer to talk about products that are finished. But as I have already made this float size and have all the documentation it won’t take long to have finished floats. Perfect for the 2-seat LSA aircraft and 1/2 the cost of the competition!
  • I won’t know until April 2nd but if the testing goes well I should be able to fly the Zigolo to SNF with our new electric power system. That would be news! At the very least I will bring the latest electric motor and battery system along with a progress report and updates.
  • And finally, the Pegasus 0-100 will be on display! A working model no less. We should be able to make engine run demos by moving the engine from the booth to the flight line during flying hours. Come check out this new 4-stroke engine.

Our official booth is LP-052 which is very close to the LSA Mall in Paradise City. Rotax is sponsoring golf cart taxis from the main display to Paradise City. They may have pickup locations but they also collect hitchhikers along the way. Just wave them down.

Most of the time I will be at the LSA Mall by the Merlin. Once in a while I may actually be in my official booth. Sometimes I will be flying for photoshoots and flight demos. If I am not there call me or send a message and I will return or set up a time to meet. 262 408 0124.

Anyone wants to see what my home base looks like see: for an aerial tour of South Lakeland Airport.




Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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Merlin-PSA-on-Amphibs merlin-on-floats DSCN4122 (00000002) Merlin-with-HKS-Engine



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