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SUN N FUN NEWS! (and plenty other stuff)

SUN N FUN NEWS! (and plenty other stuff)

Where to start. … A container of 4 Merlin QBKs and one set of our new 1450 amphibious floats arrived to Dayton today.

Here is a photo of a kit just out of the container. Wings are packed in wire-cut Styrofoam. The panel is already prepared for one of the Merlin kit.

The kits were packed perfectly without a spec of damage. I will write a separate post on this action.

Yesterday I flew the Merlin to Paradise City grass strip. That is the ultralight/light plane area of the SNF show. This morning I flew the Zigolo in MVFR conditions to Paradise City. I was one of only 2 aircraft to fly all day there. It was a 3-mile cross country at 500 feet and 30-35 mph. I added a gallon of gas to have plenty for the return flight too.

Today the weather went from bad to worse. A very strong line of T-Storms cruised through the airport. My colleague Randolph and I spent about 45 minutes hanging from the cross beams of my 10 foot pop up tent trying to keep it from blowing to the next county. The wind was so strong it tipped over the cooler but fortunately no beer was lost…. However the tent did suffer some bent tubes. I used a hammer to fix the king post.

View from inside the tent. Zigolo on the left. Hammer and tie wraps splinting the broken tube.

The weather is improving and I am expecting a very good SNF show.

Oh, BTW, Paul Dye, editor of KITPLANE Magazine stopped by my hangar just before the show and flew the HKS Merlin for a while. Here he is after landing:

He went on to say he would love to build a Merlin if he didn’t already have so many projects…..




Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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