Sun n Fun Wrap Up

Big News! I won the SNF race with the Merlin/HKS. Well, not really big news but it is the first race for me in a few years (Piccolla Schneider Cup Seaplane Races in Italy) and the first for the Merlin. The weather improved from MVFR to VFR less than 1 hour before the race started. The course was as above. GPS points to landmarks like Walmart, X49 and road intersections. Take off from the main runway, climb to 1,000 feet, zip around the course without getting lost, pass the finish line, recover to the light aircraft grass strip.

First and last days mostly rained out….

SNF was excellent this year with many quotes written up. 2 open spots remain in the next container for those on the fence. The last 4 customers are really moving fast in their build. Expect some guest blogs soon. And next blog will have some interesting video for you!