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The Deland Showcase!

The Deland Showcase!

There is a new show to attend beginning this year. The Deland Showcase was 3-5 November and most of the major LSA manufacturers and/or distributors plus some avionics vendors were there.

I flew the Merlin to the show carrying everything I needed for the booth. The baggage was loaded with 8 vinyl 5-6 foot banners, a big stack of brochures, brochure holders, show supplies, and my roll-on baggage. The Merlin carries just about everything I can manage to fit inside and that is quite a lot.


The show was well organized and the volunteers were very helpful and Swift fuels was there for easy on-site refueling. Even if I only bought 4 gallons!

Attendance was maybe ‘light’. But those coming to actually see aircraft that they might even want to buy had great access. And that makes it much more interesting to us vendors as we can entertain serious questions and spend more time with people who may want to share our enthusiasm for flight. I special thanks to those 2 customers that travelled a long way to this show to specifically see and test-sit the Merlin and I am glad you fit!


Dan Johnson was interviewed by AOPA Sr Editor Alton Marsh. The Merlin got Alton’s attention and he followed up with an interview with me. I will post a link when published.

Next Saturday, November 12th I will fly the Merlin to the Winter Haven airport for the Seaplane Pilot’s Association annual meeting from 10-12. Then I will fly down to Manatee Airport as I heard there was a BBQ.

For those concerned about noise, and that should be all of us, you can listen to the Rotax 582 on a Merlin in the UK before and after a 2nd muffler is fitted:

And one more tidbit of news: We displayed most of the PRODUCTION VERSION of the electric motor at this show. Including new battery packs and controllers. And a new computer-controlled fully feathering and super light carbon propeller to match the motor.

I am optimistic that we will be flying this motor in the next few weeks and finally be able to post some real flight data. ’bout time I say.



Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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