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Zigolo News (and other stuff)

Zigolo News (and other stuff)

OK readers, ’bout time I logged back in. Been busy building and flying so that is my excuse.

If you are wondering about the cover shot that is a Zenair Zipper from the mid ’80’s. Twin engine 2-seat floatplane! Folding wings too. Easy to put on a boat lift. 

Last week I fly my Merlin in one day from Florida to Dayton, Ohio. Headwind most of the way too. But shows again the cross country capability of the Merlin even with the prop set to climb. Took 4 fuel stops as I prefer to make my legs under 2 hours.

Now on to the Zigolo news: I am working with Grant Perry in Madison, WI to complete his Zigolo quickly. We have spent about a week so far, combined time with 2-3 people. Yesterday we installed and ran the engine. Grant is covering and painting the wings today and will break in the engine while the wing paint drys. Tomorrow could be the first flight.

While I was in Florida I took a few minutes to make a nice dawn patrol flight with my Zigolo. Nice to connect again with nature so to speak. At least it feels like that flying a Zigolo.

Cheers, Chip

  1. Hello Dear Team,

    How much does it cost one like this Zigolo ultralighr(to take off in the water)

    thanks so much for your collaboraion

    I am very interested =)

    • I can make custom floats for the Zigolo. It is something I have wanted to do for myself. Maybe I will start it soon, just too busy with other projects. Expect about 100 m take off on water.


Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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