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Zigolo ultralight motor-glider in Peru

Zigolo ultralight motor-glider in Peru

Lima, PERU: The first Zigolo ultralight motor-glider in Peru takes to the skies.

The Zigolo was built from a kit in only 15 days by Chip W. Erwin in the basement garage of the owner Marco Peter. Then transported to a small desert airstrip just south of Lima for the test flight.

Marco Peter & Chip Erwin in Marco’s garage in Lima. Just enough space to fully assemble the aircraft.

The mission was to finish the Zigolo build, test fly, and show Marco how to fly all in the short term of Nov 3 to 23. 20 days less 2 Sunday afternoons off to watch the Packers. This mission was accomplished with a day to spare.

First test flights were made by Chip Erwin with Marco Peter making several flights in his new ultralight motor-glider shortly after.

The Zigolo is a Part 103 ultralight that doubles as an inexpensive motor-glider. Marco’s friend Alex flew the nearby ridge and was seeing 600 FPM climb with the engine at idle. Prices for the Zigolo start at only $12,000 engine & propeller included! And the total cost of the paint was $20! We used a high-quality exterior latex paint with UV protection.

To see the ocean view from the Zigolo see this video link: click here or view below.

The ELECTRIC-POWERED Zigolo is now in flight testing. Clean, smooth, reliable, and quiet electric flight is coming soon! Visit to track developments and news on Electric-Power.


Chip W. Erwin
South Lakeland Airport
Lakeland, FL

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