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Electrolite Update

I have just returned from my 2nd trip to China in the last 2 months. This trip was partially to support my friend Shu Dong

Round the world, again blog

I think it might be Tuesday. But that depends on if I am thinking Florida or China time. I have been going no-stop for weeks

Sun n Fun Airshow

In case you forgot what I look like here are 4 selfies of the 4 aircraft I flew into the SNF show this week: First

Greetings from Sun n Fun!

This year I flew 4 aircraft into the show. And in case you forgot what I look like I took 4 selfies: Upper left is

GUEST BLOG: Don Kessler’s Merlin build update

Don Kessler is building his Merlin in Dayton Ohio. Just an update on what I have been up to… I bought a very nice stick

Flying Solo

When I fly alone, I prefer to be by myself… Kudos to George Thoroughgood. A recent informal survey published in Aviation ebrief showed that nearly

Merlin PSA Airplane Build In 2 Weeks

Excerpted from MojoGrip: “I had an opportunity to check out the Merlin PSA at Oshkosh 2018. This tiny little plane is actually very nice. If

The Best Merlin Ever?

I have flown several Merlins and they are all great. But I am really impressed with Jay’s new Merlin. It scoots along at 110 mph

NEWS: 1. Another Merlin Flys, 2: Deland Show, 3: Electrolite Test

Dateline: Deland, Florida This week another Merlin passed its’ airworthiness inspection with zero snags!!!!!! Here is Jay Kurtz with his new paperwork and new Merlin.

News from the Hangar

‘Bout time I wrote another blog. So here it is, short as ever.  Last week I flew up to North Carolina to assemble and fly