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Sun n Fun Airshow

In case you forgot what I look like here are 4 selfies of the 4 aircraft I flew into the SNF show this week: First

Greetings from Sun n Fun!

This year I flew 4 aircraft into the show. And in case you forgot what I look like I took 4 selfies: Upper left is

GUEST BLOG: Don Kessler’s Merlin build update

Don Kessler is building his Merlin in Dayton Ohio. Just an update on what I have been up to… I bought a very nice stick

Flying Solo

When I fly alone, I prefer to be by myself… Kudos to George Thoroughgood. A recent informal survey published in Aviation ebrief showed that nearly

Merlin PSA Airplane Build In 2 Weeks

Excerpted from MojoGrip: “I had an opportunity to check out the Merlin PSA at Oshkosh 2018. This tiny little plane is actually very nice. If

The Best Merlin Ever?

I have flown several Merlins and they are all great. But I am really impressed with Jay’s new Merlin. It scoots along at 110 mph

NEWS: 1. Another Merlin Flys, 2: Deland Show, 3: Electrolite Test

Dateline: Deland, Florida This week another Merlin passed its’ airworthiness inspection with zero snags!!!!!! Here is Jay Kurtz with his new paperwork and new Merlin.

News from the Hangar

‘Bout time I wrote another blog. So here it is, short as ever.  Last week I flew up to North Carolina to assemble and fly

Electrolite News

Expect a lot more posts on this subject soon. We are making a big push to get the Electrolite finished and ready for the market.

Get your Electrolite!

So now most of the dust has settled from the Oshkosh show. Hangar mess is sorted, production resumes. Mostly I am working on finishing a