Welcome to the Merlin Builders’ Section. In these pages we will build from both our own experience and that of other Merlin builders so this is a ‘live document’. Please contribute your tips and suggestions (and corrections, if any). Send your comments to info@aeromarine-lsa.com

There are dozens of sources of excellent information available from the EAA, local chapters, Kitplanes magazine and others. Those sources should be utilized for both general homebuilding knowledge and detailed information such as complex panels. We will not attempt to bury you in information in this section as the Merlin-specific tips would get lost. Rather we will concentrate on what we have learned and suggest making your Merlin build both educational and entertaining just as the FAA mandates.

Theoretically, everything you need to know about building the Merlin should be found in the Assembly Manual. Click the links on the right for the Assembly Manual and more.