The Merlin PSA: sleek, fast, quiet

The Merlin PSA is an almost new Personal Sport Aircraft. It was introduced to Europe a few years ago at the AERO Expo. The aircraft attracted a great deal of interest due to its excellent performance specifications and attractive lines. But failed to gain any market momentum due to the unavailability of a proper aircraft engine for it. The Czech Verner engines was offered. This engine simply is not as desirable as a proper and reliable aircraft engine. Furthermore, the cowls made to fit this engines (IMHO) completely ruin the nice lines of the aircraft.

Our first Merlin PSA will be Rotax 582-powered. The electric version will follow as will our new 4-stroke aircraft engine when it arrives. The Merlin PSA will be perfect with a small 4-stroke aircraft engine in the 50-60hp range.

Now jump forward to 2015. If you have been following my electric power systems for aircraft blog and page you will know that electric power is fantastic when it is matched up with a suitable airframe. That means lightweight and either very slow or very low drag. The Merlin PSA is both lightweight and low drag which makes it perfect for electric power.

Plus, with the small size and light weight of the electric motor I can design a cowl that actually matches and enhances the nice lines of the aircraft.

Tricycle and taildragger versions on display.