NEWS: 1. Another Merlin Flys, 2: Deland Show, 3: Electrolite Test

Dateline: Deland, Florida

This week another Merlin passed its’ airworthiness inspection with zero snags!!!!!!

Here is Jay Kurtz with his new paperwork and new Merlin. N105LS. I flew it a few hours already this week and it is PERFECT. The prop is set with the pitch closer to cruise so static RPM was only 5600 and climb out at 5800. But cruise at only 5100 is 100 mph. I checked flat out speed: 6000 rpm and 120 mph! This is a test I should have made some time ago but I like the prop set in the middle because the acceleration is so much fun and it jumps off the ground. Cruise pitch took another 100 feet. Big deal. But now my claims of 110 MPH TAS or higher cruise speeds with the prop set for cruise are validated.

Come see this Merlin at the Deland airshow today (Nov 1-3). Its first cross country, an entire one hour flight, was perfect.

Last weekend I was at our Dayton build center where most of the electric aircraft R&D is taking place. We were able to run the motor on the Electrolite and make a few prop tests:

Prop test #1. This is the economy prop. You can get them at Home Depot no charge if you buy some paint. Strange promotion if you ask me. Thrust was not even measurable but it worked perfectly to measure the RPM as my hand held tachometer needed some blades to count. The motor runs at 1950 which is close to perfect for low noise.

We did test a few real props with limited success. The motor really needs to have Hall Sensors to run effectively under changing loads so we have a new motor/controller being shipped to us quickly. Mounting will match so tests will resume this month.