News from the Hangar

‘Bout time I wrote another blog. So here it is, short as ever. 

Last week I flew up to North Carolina to assemble and fly Charlie’s new Zigolo. It is one of the recent completions from our Dayton build center.

Here is Charlie and his new toy! The Zigolo was quickly assembled and flown. We had some fun on this visit. This is one of the best parts of this business. And now Charlie is enjoying flying his Zigolo. I am looking forward to a ‘guest blog’ from him.

Meanwhile back in Dayton Dr. Kessler is plugging away at our custom controller, throttle, and monitor for the Electrolite.

Here is a look at the prototype monitor going together. It will have RPM, AMPS, Coolant Temp, Volts, and estimated remaining endurance. The order book is now up to #37 for the Electrolite.

Next step will be prop selection. We have a table full of props to test. The best one will give us the most thrust for amp draw. This will be a fun test but with 2, 3 and 4-blade props plus many prop pitch settings we might be generating a pile of data to sort.

Here is a retro photo! Taken at Oshkosh maybe 16-17 years ago then used in a Spanish magazine ad. I took my friend Bertrand Piccard for his first floatplane flight at this show in this aircraft.