Flight Test Reviews:
Why Zigolo is the Best Choice for Ultralight Flying

Some of the many reasons the Zigolo is the best choice in ultralight flying:

  • It fits multiple missions:
    • It is perfect for the morning or evening patrol which I prefer in smooth calm air. This mission is the most comfortable and scenic. Most UL pilots enjoy a local evening flight more than any other mission.
    • It is a motor-glider. Well that is a bit of a misnomer. It is more of a motor-floater in that the glide ratio (L/D) is nowhere near that of a glider but due to its’ large wing and therefore very low wing loading the sink rate is reasonably low. This allows Zigolo pilots to stay up without the power on in mild to medium lift conditions. Plus the turn radius is so tight and slow it is easy for novice glider pilots to stay in thermals and practice this lovely form of aviation.
  • The Zigolo is available as a finished aircraft. Ultralights do not have any 51% build rule like the experimental class but can be offered ready to fly.
  • On the other hand the Zigolo is available in kit form and is quite simple and very much fun to assemble. Plus saving money and learning new and rewarding skills.
  • The Zigolo fits Part 103 which is the ultralight rule. The benefits of this are basically next to zero regulation besides staying out of controlled airspace. Not required: Pilot’s license, medical, registration or certification. However there are some weight and speed limits that the Zigolo easily meet. But should a builder choose to fly outside the Part 103 rules the Zigolo has been inspected and approved as an E-AB kit and can be found on the FAA list of approved kits.
  • The Zigolo is cheap! Not to say low quality. In fact it is a very high-quality aircraft. It is simply inexpensive. Base price is only $12,000 and that includes EVERYTHING but finish paint. Engine & prop as well.
  • The Zigolo is perfectly-suited to electric power. And that makes it ideal! Now one can fly low and slow and quiet and safe. A perfect combination.
  • The new wing remove system means the wings can be removed in just a couple minutes each. Less hanger space required or take it home on a trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kT89bm_7dMg
  • It is a conventional aircraft, not a weight-shift, not a powered parachute, but a full 3-axis aircraft.